Thrills. Adrenaline. Challenge. Fun.


$35 USD per person

Located in Sky Selfie Club 3: Boulevard. Kukulcan km. 15.2, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R

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Thrills. Adrenaline. Challenge. Fun. These are some of the words that can best describe amazing FlowRider in Cancun , your chance to shine as a surfer the easy way using Body Board or Stand Up methods.
The only activity in Cancun of its kind and the perfect way to spend an afternoon of surf, great fun for all the family. It’s the first FlowRider pool to open to the public in Cancun and the fifth in all of Mexico. Come experience the perfect mix of fun, party, skate, and surf.
The FlowRider is a wave-forming generator on an inclined surface. This allows the user to body surf or adapt the traditional stand-up style assuring awesome fun, regardless of your age, shape, size, and ability.

Fun things to do in Cancun

The FlowRider is definitely on the list of fun things to do in Cancun. The activity provides complete safety and ease for all users given that its surface is really soft, resembling a trampoline. Although you might see more advanced riders do all sorts of tricks, don’t get discouraged — the FlowRider is an easy activity for beginners starting from zero. Our world-class instructors are on hand to provide assistance and coaching and ensure you experience full FlowRider glory.
Your activity lasts one hour, after which you can enjoy a break to catch your breath, listen to some party music and take five with a cold beer. You’ll definitely want to go again, a full day pass is also available as well as four-day packages.


$35 USD per person


We’ll kick off the activity with a few rounds on the bodyboard. Once you’re able to kneel on the board, it’s time to try flowboarding! An instructor will help you keep your balance with a rope at first and before you know it you’ll be surfing on your own


  • Guide and Instructions
  • Access to the FlowRider
  • Bodyboard and Flowboard
  • Showers


Participants must be:

  • At least 1.00m (3.2 ft) tall for Bodyboarding
  • At least 1.20m (4 ft) tall for Flowboarding
  • Maximum weight: 115kg ( 253 lbs)

This activity is not permitted:

  • If you have ear problems, asthma, epilepsy
  • If you’ve had surgery recently
  • During pregnancy
  • Under the influence of alcohol or any other substance

Before the activity begins:

  • Take off all jewelry
  • Wash off your sunscreen
  • Put on a bathing suit without zips or hard parts